• 555
  • 555 Fading LED

    Know the function of a fuse box and the appearance of a tripped circuit breaker – Marilyn Vos Savant Oscillators What determines how fast your clock is ticking ? Waveform refers to the shape and form of a signal such as a wave moving in a physical medium. Oscillators help you to generate a repetitive […]

  • Beginners
  • How to Get Started with Electronics ?

    30 Blogs to Follow  Adafruit  SparkFun  Hackaday  EEV Blog  Derek Molloy  Arduino  Embedded Tweaks  Extremeelectronics  Pyroelectro  Electronics Lab  EEtimes  All about Circuits  Electronics for you  Electronic Design  Open Electronics  Raspberry Pi  BeagleBoard  Elcircuit  ElectroBoom  Afrotechmods  Tindie  RTL-SDR  Circuit Basics  Product Hunt  Edgefxkits  Circuits Today  The Amp Hour  Crowdsupply  Toms Hardware  Extreme Tech I will not […]

  • Arduino
  • Guide for Dust Sensor with Arduino

    GP2Y1010AU0F or Sharp PM2.5 Dust Sensor consists of an Infrared Emitting Diode and Phototransistor ( which we are going to discuss shortly ) which detects the reflected light of dust in air and is efficient in detecting fine particles. It is compact with low consumption current ( max of 20mA ). It is commonly used […]

  • Processing
  • Guide For Processing PDE – Tutorial 1

    The best way to learn programming along with electronics is to interface as much as you can. Pocessing, is a simple language that lets you code animations and drawing and even graphics. Installing Processing PDE Visit : https://processing.org/ Go to the Downloads section. Download Processing for the respective machine. Note to Linux Users Extract the […]